A Few Facts About Movie Reviews


Movie reviews are one of those things that some people pay a lot of attention to while others really couldn’t care less. The funny thing about movie reviews is that for many individuals, the more critically acclaimed the movie is, the less appeal it seems to have for their own personal tastes. Of course, not everybody feels this way. There are some individuals that will usually only see movies that reach a high degree of critical acclaim. When all of these things are considered, it brings into question the importance of movie reviews, as well as their purpose.

The purpose of movie reviews is to give the general public an idea of the movies that they might want to go see. Reviewing movies has become a business in and of itself. In fact, some of the most popular movie critics can actually make or break a film based on their own personal views when they watch it. It is somewhat odd that this can happen so easily because movies, like other types of art, are subjective. One person may think it is the best movie that they have ever seen while the person next to them can’t stand it. However, if a popular movie critic says that a movie is no good, this can have a dramatic and adverse impact on the amount of money that the movie can make because of the decrease in ticket sales.

Obviously, movie reviews carry a lot of importance or people would not listen to them and then base their decision about what they are going to go see on what they hear from critics. Having said that, there seems to be a small group within the general population that goes against the grain. These are the individuals that typically go see the movies that the critics say aren’t worth going to. By the same token, these same individuals typically avoid the movies that are critically acclaimed because they have found through past experiences that they simply do not enjoy them.

Perhaps the individuals that do go against the grain are the ones that enjoy loud rock music as opposed to classical or that only read books that never made the bestseller list. The only thing they can be determined with any certainty whatsoever is that all types of art are indeed subjective, as previously mentioned. When movies are made, there is really no way to be sure if people will like them or hate them. However, it is relatively safe to say that regardless of the movie that is in question, some individuals will be interested in going to see it and will even be excited while others do not even have so much as a passing interest in watching it for 5 minutes. It really depends on each individual and their idea of what is entertaining and what is not.